CITY MULTI VRF Systems: Outdoor: R2-Series (R410A)


The R2-Series is ideal for various applications because the system allows building owners to provide each individual space with its own personalized, zoned comfort system and realize energy savings in the process.

Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ)
CITY MULTI R2-Series Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ) System from Mitsubishi Electric's HVAC Advanced Products Division offers you the ultimate in enhanced comfort and effective energy usage. Mitsubishi Electric's CITY MULTI R2-Series outdoor unit uses inverter-driven compressor (Variable Frequency Drive) technology to provide highly-responsive cooling and heating performance. By responding to indoor and outdoor temperature fluctuations, the system varies power consumption by adjusting the compressor speed to optimize energy usage. The variable-capacity indoor units are controlled by electronic-expansion valves. This feature allows operation only at the levels required to maintain a consistently comfortable indoor environment without wasting energy.

Simultaneous cooling and heating two-pipe system with inverter technology
CITY MULTI from Mitsubishi Electric delivers precisely the cooling and heating needed at any time. How? Our inverter-driven compressor technology and our exclusive BC Controller make two-pipe simultaneous cooling and heating possible. As indoor and outdoor temperatures fluctuate, the system automatically adjusts the compressor speed to react immediately and deliver the exact amount of refrigerant -- no more, no less -- thereby maintaining a comfortable interior environment while saving energy.

The R2-Series Systems
Three different outdoor models of the CITY MULTI R2-Series are offered using R410A refrigerant, an 72,000 Btu/h unit with up to fifteen connectable indoor units; a 96,000 Btu/h unit with up to nineteen connectable indoor units; a 108,000 Btu/h unit with up to twenty connectable indoor units. Ductless or ductled-type indoor units are available. The R2-Series outdoor unit offers a small footprint, measuring only 39 in. x 33 in.

A multiple selection of different indoor models are offered, including wall-mounted, floor-mounted (exposed or concealed), ceiling-recessed (one or four-way airflow), and concealed-ducted types. Each indoor unit has a linear electronic expansion valve that enables the indoor units to operate with variable capacity to precisely meet the load in the zone.

A variety of controllers, both zone and central, with options to interface are available with a networked PC. We offer both LonWorks® and BACnet interfaces to integrate with existing building management systems.

R2-Series Capabilities

# Connectable Indoor Units
Connectable Indoor Units Capacity
up to 15
36KBtu/h - 108KBtu/h
up to 19
48KBtu/h - 144KBtu/h
up to 20
54KBtu/h - 162KBtu/h

In many ways, the BC Controller is the technological heart of the CITY MULTI R2-Series. It works in unison with the outdoor unit to provide simultaneous cooling and heating. The BC Controller is connected to the outdoor unit by two pipes and to each indoor unit by a series of refrigerant pipes, depending on the indoor unit count. The BC Controller is required for all CITY MULTI R2-Series installations. BC Controllers come in 5, 6, 8, 10, 13 and 16-branch options. The BC Controller you select depends on how many indoor units will be operated from each outdoor unit and total capacity requirements.

R2-Series Features

  • VRFZ SYSTEM: Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning System offers maximum comfort and energy savings because you cool and heat each zone only when it is being used or occupied
  • SIMULTANEOUS COOLING AND HEATING: Enhanced comfort and energy savings. Uses inverter-driven technology for varying the speed of the compressor to match the load in each and every zone.
  • QUIET OPERATION: Very quiet indoor fan coils for less noise pollution. Ideal for hotel rooms, schools, and libraries. Outdoor units are also quiet as the table below illustrates.
  • BC Controller: In many ways, the BC Controller is the technological heart of the CITY MULTI R2-Series.
  • DUCTLESS OR DUCTED: Versatile locations for indoor units with many styles to meet design and building needs.
  • CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN): THE CMCN allows users to manage up to 2,000 indoor units from a single networked PC in terms of operation, monitoring, scheduling (daily, weekly and yearly), error email, personal browser, tenant billing and maintenance diagnostic information.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Little or no ductwork, simple controls wiring, and two-pipe configuration mean less labor and materials used.
Outdoor Model
Sound Level~dB(A)

Installation and Application
Installation of the CITY MULTI R2-Series is made easier with just two pipes and non-polar, two-wire control connections. There is minimal ductwork to run with the ducted indoor units because the indoor unit is located in the zone with very short duct runs compared to a central package rooftop unit. Naturally there is no ductwork with ductless indoor units so installation is a breeze.

Compact and powerful outdoor units
CITY MULTI's compact and powerful outdoor units have one of the smallest VRFZ footprints in the industry. There are three sizes available for the R2-Series: 72,000, 96,000, 108,000 Btu/h, which are available in 208/230 Volts, three-phase, 60 Hertz. Each uses Mitsubishi Electric's inverter-driven scroll compressor that is backed by a six-year limited warranty. This reliable compressor is designed and built by Mitsubishi Electric.

There are literally millions of possible system configurations and controls options. Contact us for more information about how to design the CITY MULTI system that is right for your building application.

Refrigerant Piping Lengths (To outdoor unit)
Maximum allowable length
Maximum equivalent length

The magic component for simultaneous cooling and heating operation is the BC Controller. Go to the Library section for more information or download the submittal documents here.

Select a Product:

Rated capacity: 72,000 Btu/h cooling and 80,000 Btu/h heating


Rated capacity: 96,000 Btu/h cooling and 108,000 Btu/h heating


Rated capacity: 108,000 Btu/h cooling and 120,000 Btu/h heating


Rated capacity: 126,000 Btu/h cooling and 140,000 Btu/h heating


Rated capacity: 144,000 Btu/h cooling and 160,000 Btu/h heating